Patient Annual Wellness Visit Reminder: Your Revenue Booster

In the healthcare industry, every process and procedure has the ability to influence revenue. At InTouch Medical Marketing, we specialize in helping you optimize these opportunities so you can grow your revenue. Today, we’ll explore how our Patient Annual Wellness Visit Reminder service can significantly boost your practice’s earnings.


What is a Patient Annual Wellness Visit Reminder?

It’s your secret weapon for boosting revenue. Our service ensures that your patients never miss their annual wellness visit, helping you capitalize on these essential appointments.


How Do We Remind Patients of Their Annual Wellness Visit Appointment?


In a simple, straightforward process, our multilingual team of experts connects with your members in a timely manner. Here’s an overview of what our member specialists do:


  • We identify members who are scheduled for an annual wellness visit.
  • Our multilingual specialists reach out to members in their preferred language with a reminder call a few days prior to their scheduled appointment.
  • Our team sends a courtesy reminder text one day before their appointment.
  • On the day of their appointment, we send a text a few hours before with office information and address.


Revenue-Boosting Benefits:

  • Increased Attendance: Patients who receive timely reminders are more likely to attend their annual wellness visits, contributing to higher RAF scores.
  • Outreach Opportunity: Our team can conduct a follow-up call to collect information about their experience to improve member retention and satisfaction, boosting your RAF scores.


Ready to boost your revenue with our Patient Annual Wellness Visit Reminder service? Contact us today, and let’s start increasing your patient’s participation.

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